Baby Shark Ocean Winter Park

Baby Shark, Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo~ People of all ages can meet Baby Shark and his family at the Baby Shark Ocean Winter Park here at VS Lounge! Children can get up close to a giant inflatable Baby Shark for a memorable photo-taking opportunity. A limited-edition pop-up merchandise shop is also available on site so you can take home plush toys, stationery, and other limited items.

Come Dance with Baby Shark! Children can dance to the classic Baby Shark theme song against a green screen, and immerse themselves in the iconic Baby Shark music video. A dedicated video will be produced where each child becomes the star of the video, so they can cherish this special experience anytime!

A 3-meter tall claw machine awaits our visitors too! Rescue our exclusive 45cm Baby Shark that is not available elsewhere in Hong Kong. 

In a mission to educate children about the importance of ocean conservation, we have set up the 'Clean The Ocean' and 'Restore The Beach' challenges, where children need to find specific trash items from the pool. You can win prizes based on the number of trash items you help clean up!

The Baby Shark Ocean Winter Park is open daily from 12pm to 8pm. Admission is FREE to everyone.